Thursday, May 04, 2006

If anyone should happen to visit this blog for some reason, and despite it having been 'on hiatus' for the better part of a year, they may be interested to know that some friends of mine and I are in the process of setting up a new group blog, Theoretically Political (which I'll link to here once it's up and running). I won't be posting on it with any frequency -- since I'm now in the midst of trying to finish up one doctorate while also pursuing another (the short explanation for this peculiar state of affairs is ... I am insane) -- but I should be weighing in from time to time. The blog will focus mainly on areas concerning which my co-bloggers (all of whom are fellow grad students in the Department of Government at Harvard) and I are fairly competent -- largely political theory, with some other areas of politics, philosophy, and history also covered or explored -- and the posts will hopefully be fairly substantial and thoughtful, rather than the random jottings on whatever has caught my eye that have tended to show up here. But I can make no promises.
I also now have a webpage through Harvard (currently my primary institutional home), which should contain info (updated as necessary) on my current academic work.
As for Sitting on a Fence -- it's been fun (well, generally), but I think that I'm through with this particular part of my life. I initially stopped, so I thought, temporarilly, to try to finish up my Oxford thesis (which I still have yet to finish). But I have since realised that, at present, my academic work is important to me -- and that I can't devote the care both to it, and to a blog, that I think necessary for either to be satisfactory. And I've also come to be somewhat disatisfied with my own blogging. All of this may seem very odd to say, as I embark on a new blog; but, by focussing more on issues relevant to my academic work, rather than venting the personal reactions of a moment, I hope to produce something I'm more satisfied with (and, by blogging as part of a group, I also hope to be able to post less, without the blog dying of neglect).
In the meantime, Sitting on a Fence will sit here in the blogic ether; I've thought of taking it down altogether, but have decided to let it stay -- even the bits of it that I now regret or am embarrassed by, I've no wish to hide or deny; and perhaps the archives will still be of interest to someone. Thanks, everyone who's stopped by, for reading.

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