Wednesday, August 04, 2004

SIDNEY MORGENBESSER, RIP: I've just learnt the sad news that Sidney Morgenbesser died, after a lengthy illness, on Sunday (this is what happens when one neglects the blogosphere and relies on the print media.) Norm Geras and Chris Bertam have both already noted this, and have posts up with links. See, or rather hear, also the NPR feature linked to here. The only obit I've seen yet is the NY Times one (with a nice picture) here.
Most of the reports have focussed on Morgenbesser's wit, which has already been well-attested to by bloggers. Much remains to be said (by those better able to do so than I, who alas never met Prof. Morgenbesser, and who know but little of his work) of Sidney Morgenbesser's charm and gifts as a teacher and a friend, and of his contributions to a number of different areas of philosophy -- philosophy of science, political philosophy (and particularly ethics and international relations), the history of philosophy (particularly American pragmatism and naturalism), epistemology, etc; hopefully fitting tributes will be forthcoming soon.

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